2018 dates : from the 9th of February to the 18th of February




From October, 30 samba schools of Rio and the suburb get prepared for the D-Day when they will parade at the Sambodromo avenue next to the city centre! Best days are Sunday and Monday nights, it starts at 9pm, it ends at 6am, you will see 6 samba schools parading, each one has about 4000 participants and has 1h22minutes to present its show! it is a real explosion of joy and happiness, and it is contagious...!


It is massive, wonderful, unique, gorgeous : you can't miss it!


Here are my fare to assist to the "biggest show on earth"...

SUNDAY 26th and MONDAY 27th (the 2 most important nights)
prices for ARQUIBANCADAS (= tribunes)
Sector 2/3 : 300 reais
Sector 4/5 : 450 reais
Sectorr 6/7 : 500 reais
Sectorr 8 : 550 reais
Sector 10 / 11 : 400 reais                  
Sector 12/13 : 100 reais
Basically, the more you pay, the best you see!
The results of the winner are announced on the following wednesday, the 1st of march. On Saturday the 4th, the 6 best schools will parade again, it is called the "Parade of the Champions". It is cheaper as there are less issues but still it worth it.
SATURDAY DAY OF CHAMPIONS , the 4th of march
Sector 2/3 : 250 reais
Sector 4/5 : 350 reais
Sector 6/7 : 4000 reais
Sectorr 8 : 350 reais
Sectorr 10/11 : 300 reais
popular sector 12/13 : 100
If you have any doubt please send me an email 
The "bloco" is this brazilian band playing popular songs in the street during day and night time. Those street parties are free and there are about 50 blocos per day during carnival... You may join those parties to participate to the Carnival, brazilian people get totally crazy and never stop, good luck to follow them!
In my opinion the best place to enjoy the blocos are the City Centre and Santa Teresa district beacuse EVERYBODY is taking part of it with crazy and creative costumes, you will have to dress up as well : be ready! People going up the hill of Santa are the most motivated ones, and the funniest people ever. Also you must know that the best Blocos start EARLY in the morning, from 7am, as it is the case for Ceu na Terra bloco, leaving on Saturday! Other famouse blocos are Carmélitas, the bloco do Mario Bros, or the Me enterra na Quarta.
Others nice blocos are in Lapa and the Center, like Cordao da Boitata or the Boi Tolo. Some of them lasts 12 hours and are walking a lot of kilometers.
To know where and when the Blocos start, you should check on the internet or buy the newspapers. Do not be late to a bloco, because once it has left you don't know exactly which way it will take and it turns difficult to find it again.
About Safety during Carnival
Relax, it is far safer than we imagine! I have never experienced bad situation but be careful of your belongings (wallet, cellphone), pickpockets are quite good !

"o Rio de Janeiro continua lindo..." 

       Tim Maia



"Cidade maravilhosa, cheia de encantos mil...

official anthem of Rio 


"a pesar de você, amanhã há de ser outro dia" Chico Buarque


"eu pergunto com que roupa, com que roupa... eu vou?" 

Noel Rosa


"quero assistir ao sol nascer, ver as águas do rio correr..."



"nessa cidade, todo mundo é d'oxum, homen, menino, menina, mulher"

Davi Moraes


"não deixe o samba morrer, não deixa o

samba acabar"

Maria Rita 


"eu só quero é ser feliz, andar tranquilamente na favela onde nasci"

Cidinho e Doca