Rio was born in this district ! The historical centre will immerse you in the colonial time, when portuguese started to build the city around the Praça XV square. Today it is also the Business and cultural center. Different worlds are mixed, in some streets we are in New York city, or in Lisbon, even Paris... We will find a trace of each period in the arquitecture and urbanism in this area of the city, whether it is with the Municipal Theatre, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Portuguese Library or the brand new Tomorrow Museum in Praça Mauá square. We will also deep in the popular market of Uruguaiana, where you can buy everything. You will get a lot of information and anecdotes to understand this very dynamic and living district. At night and during the weekend, it is totally empty as nobody lives in the City Centre, Cariocas gather there during the week days to work. 


MEETING POINT  : on the steps of the THEATRO MUNICIPAL, Cinelandia square (=metro station) 


TIME : 10h or 14h 



"o Rio de Janeiro continua lindo..." 

       Tim Maia



"Cidade maravilhosa, cheia de encantos mil...

official anthem of Rio 


"a pesar de você, amanhã há de ser outro dia" Chico Buarque


"eu pergunto com que roupa, com que roupa... eu vou?" 

Noel Rosa


"quero assistir ao sol nascer, ver as águas do rio correr..."



"nessa cidade, todo mundo é d'oxum, homen, menino, menina, mulher"

Davi Moraes


"não deixe o samba morrer, não deixa o

samba acabar"

Maria Rita 


"eu só quero é ser feliz, andar tranquilamente na favela onde nasci"

Cidinho e Doca